What's in a name?

How did I come up with my business name?   If I earned a quarter every time I've heard that question I'd be rich! My company name "wigglypen" is an original for sure and I will often answer by saying it was chosen after "too many glasses of wine," but to be honest, I struggled with an appropriate name for my company just like every entrepreneur.

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Is it time to update your logo?

A well-designed logo could have a significantly positive impact on your business, however, over time even the best logos may need to be tweaked or adjusted to keep up with the growth and shifts in your company.

A wildly successful logo created in 1990 may not have the same appeal in today's market, together with the changes in your industry, technology and consumer behavior are all legitimate reasons to take a serious look at your logo and decide whether it is indeed time for a redesign.

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