What's in a name?

How did I come up with my business name?   If I earned a quarter every time I've heard that question I'd be rich! My company name "wigglypen" is an original for sure and I will often answer by saying it was chosen after "too many glasses of wine," but to be honest, I struggled with an appropriate name for my company just like every entrepreneur.

I wanted a name that would tell my story, identify a playful, creative soul and yet relay the serious, professional side of my business.  I needed a name that would grow as my business grew, and a name that would be easy to remember. With all this in mind, what I did manage to create was a lot of self-induced pressure!

So I went back to the basics and went through the process following the steps I recommend to my clients.  I sat at my desk with a pad and pencil and began to jot down all the possibilities, and even managed to doodle a few ideas.

After what felt like hours of feverishly writing and doodling anything and everything that came to mind, I took a second to check my masterpiece and what I found was amazing!

I had at least twenty five completely different names, some written, some doodled, and some unrecognizable. Amongst them, however, was one that stood out. A word so bold, and descriptive that I physically saw it puff up and bounce off the page to announce its' arrival into my life.

It was a perfect combination of writing and doodling, and the name made absolute sense. I could immediately envision the color, the style and exactly how I was going to present my chosen name to the world. I could tell a brand was about to be launched.

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