Is it time to update your logo?

A well-designed logo could have a significantly positive impact on your business, however, over time even the best logos may need to be tweaked or adjusted to keep up with the growth and shifts in your company.

A wildly successful logo created in 1990 may not have the same appeal in today's market, together with the changes in your industry, technology and consumer behavior are all legitimate reasons to take a serious look at your logo and decide whether it is indeed time for a redesign.

Redesigning your logo may seem like a daunting task, however breathing new life into something that could significantly impact your company's bottom line may be well worth it.

Before considering a redesign, take a few minutes to ensure whether this is the right course of action you should take.

Has your business expanded or changed in any way?
Perhaps you’ve added an entire line of new products, or you’ve expanded your services and added new employees. If your business has grown or changed in any way, it may be time to consider changing your logo.

Have you encountered new competition?
You were the best in your industry, and a new competitor has arrived on the scene. You can stay put and hope for the best, or fight back. Breathing fresh air into your logo would show your existing customers that you’re relevant and up-to-date and show potential customers that you're ready to compete.

Are you looking for new customers?
You have established an impressive customer base, and they're loyal to the bone, but if you want to continue growing as a business, you'll need to attract a younger consumer. If you play your cards right, freshening up your logo may be precisely what you need to appeal to a new consumer and still retain your loyal customer base.

Has your mission statement, or company values changed in any way?
As the business grows you may decide to change your value or mission statement to reflect the expansion, or if you discover your company’s personality has changed you may want to update your logo to reflect this change as well.

Is your logo outdated?
Perhaps the most obvious question of all, but still worth mentioning. If your logo was created in the 90s, it might be time to freshen it up. Not only may it be aesthetically tired, but the design may not be compatible with today's technology.

So what direction should you take - A logo refresh or the full redesign?

If you decide to freshen up your logo, your designer may use existing design elements already in place. Making small adjustments to the layout, or changing the color combination, or perhaps retaining the image but updating the text with modernized typography are all ways of making minor updates that could be enough to re-introduce your logo to a new audience.

A complete logo redesign, on the other hand, is like replacing an old building with a fresh new modern structure. This approach could include new messaging, a new color scheme, even an update to your company’s name, but before making this decision you should ask yourself the following questions;

1. What's working with my current logo? 
2. What isn't working with my current logo?

3. Does my customer base connect with my current logo?
Take time to consider potential risks redesigning your logo could have on your current customer base. Would redesigning your logo disrupt a visual connection your customers have? Understand whether there is a connection and explore the potential consequences of introducing a new logo.

These questions should help you understand whether this type of change is worthwhile making as you work toward growing your customer base?

What now? You've completed your research and asked critical questions, and you're ready to move forward. Congrats!
It is a big step for you and your company, and now it's time to get to work.

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